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Article: The Super Yacht Of Russia's "Darth Vader" Seized In France

The Super Yacht Of Russia's "Darth Vader" Seized In France - DSF Antique Jewelry

The Super Yacht Of Russia's "Darth Vader" Seized In France

The yacht of the Russian oligarch Igor Sechin was seized on the Cote d'Azur, in accordance with the sanctions imposed after the war started in Ukraine.

Igor Sechin is the president of the Russian state oil company and is nicknamed "Darth Vader" in Russia due to his fearsome power in Russia. He started as Putin's secretary in 1994.

Oil baron Sechin is Putin's close friend and de facto deputy. He is already subject to a travel ban and asset freeze by the US.

Authorities of the French Riviera confirmed they seized the "Amore Vero" yacht of Sechin. The yacht is worth 120 million dollars.

The boat was docked on January 3 for a series of repairs on the shipyard of the port of La Ciotat, announced the French Ministry of Finance. It was scheduled to stay on April 1 for repairs.

Russian Darth Vader's Super Yacht

The yacht Amore Vero was built as St. Princess Olga by Oceanco and delivered to its owner in 2013. The yacht can accommodate 14 guests and a crew of 28.

According to, Amore Vero is designed by Igor Lobanov. He was named Best Designer of the Year for his work at the 2013 World Yacht Trophies.

The yacht has two decks for private use. Both the upper deck and the sun deck are intended for the owner’s exclusive use.

In addition to the master stateroom, there are six luxury cabins - two VIP suites with private balconies and four spacious doubles.

Amore Vero is powered by two MTU engines from the 20V 4000 M73L series, producing 3,600 kW each. They give the yacht a top speed of 20 knots. Amore Vero's cruising speed is 14 knots, and its range is more than 4,000nm. 
The super yacht has a steel hull and an aluminum superstructure.
Amore Vero Yacht
Picture Credit: Super Yacht Fan

Russian Oligarchs Pay For What Putin Did To Ukraine

British Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab told the BBC that the UK government would introduce a new law to prevent oligarchs and kleptocrats from using the courts to stop journalists from reporting on their wealth.

In addition, Dominic Raab added that the government could confiscate the villas of Russian oligarchs in London and use them to house Ukrainian refugees.

According to the Deputy Prime Minister, the British government will soon present proposals to stop the oligarchs from hiring expensive law firms to protect their fortunes.

"I have seen oligarchs, kleptocrats, and people connected with [Russian President Vladimir Putin] come to this country and prosecute those who want to shed light on corruption and abuse under slander laws. This is an abuse of our system," Raab said.

Italy Also "Hunts" Russian Oligarchs

Russian tycoon Vladimir Roudolfovich Soloviev, 58, is a strong supporter of Vladimir Putin and the owner of important real estate in Italy. He woke up with all his assets "frozen" by the Como Finance Guard, following EU sanctions against Russia amid Putin's war with Ukraine.

Specifically, he said goodbye to a 6.5 million euro villa in Pianello del Lario and another real estate in Menaggio and Griante, as well as to luxury two cars.

These assets, owned by Russian tycoon Vladimir Roudolfovich Soloviev, were frozen by the Committee on Financial Security of the Ministry of Economy. The special monetary police unit of the Como Financial Police has notified the order of the Provincial Directorate of the Internal Revenue Service, which must transcribe the documents to the Land Registry in order to make the freezing of assets effective.
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