More And More People Are Buying Custom-Made Doomsday Bunkers In A Hurry

The demand for anti-apocalypse bunkers is exploding all around the world as people fear Vladimir Putin's actions.

Russian President Vladimir Putin's move to place his nuclear forces on heightened alert as the invasion of Ukraine continues has increased demand for custom-made doomsday bunkers.

Gary Lynch, CEO of Texas-based Rising S Co, told The Sun that demand for underground bunkers has increased 10-fold since Russian troops invaded Ukraine on February 24.
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"Typically, I'll sell between two and six shelters a month - and usually winter is a quiet time for us. But I sold five units alone on Thursday, and I've sold two more already today - there's no telling how many more [orders] we will get. The phone hasn't stopped ringing, and we've been sending out so many quotes," Gary Lynch said.

Putin - The Best Marketing Agent For "Doomsday Bunkers"

Prices for the five "doomsday bunkers" sold on the day of the Russian invasion ranged from $70,000 to $240,000. A bunker's price starts at $40,000 and can go up to millions, depending on the customer's wishes.
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Gary Lynch said interest in anti-apocalypse bunkers is exploding all around the world: "We've had requests from Italy. We've had a request from the UK, from Denmark, from Japan, from Canada, from the US - and that's just over the weekend."

"The interest is not just isolated to the US, it's everywhere."

Since the invasion, people in New Zealand, Australia, the US, Canada, and the UK have been looking for "anti-apocalypse bunkers". The trend exploded to unprecedented heights late last week.

The People Of The World Are Afraid. They Did Not Forget Hiroshima

Lynch said potential buyers are calling him because they fear Russia could invade other neighboring countries which would lead to a "real world war."

"And they're justified to be fearful of that," Lynch said. "Just look at what's going on. [Vladimir Putin] is threatening nuclear war, saying it would be something the world has never seen."

"The world has seen Hiroshima," he continued, "and if what they are threatening is worse than that then, by all means, we should all be worried."

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