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Article: Who Owns the Largest Collection of Cufflinks in the World

Who Owns the Largest Collection of Cufflinks in the World

Who Owns the Largest Collection of Cufflinks in the World

Have you ever wondered who owns the largest verified collection of cufflinks in the world? And just how big is exactly this collection of buttons?

The passion for this tiny yet powerful fashion accessory has turned a reverend from Orangeville, Canada - Carl Moulton - into a collector that set a Guinness World Record on 12 September 2020. 

In just a few years, Pastor Carl managed to collect an impressive number of cufflinks - 1,925 pairs, for which he got the famous award, but he kept increasing his collection by the day.

Carl Moulton wears buttons every Sunday at church, and, knowing about his passion, many of the people attending his sermons often gifted him cufflinks on special occasions. 

How did he end up with the largest collection of cufflinks 

"It's unique cufflinks so there are no two pair the same. I started collecting cufflinks about seven years ago. My daughter one day googled the largest collection in the world and she said, 'Dad you're not that far away from being the world record holder,' so I thought let's go for it then. I started buying cuff links and getting cuff links and people started noticing them at church. Then I started getting them for Father's Day, birthdays, and for Christmas and they just seemed to multiply," told Carl Moulton to CHVN Radio, after he received his award.

It took him two years of effort so that Guinness could formally verify his accomplishment and officially set the new world record.  

"It's more than just sending in a letter (to Guinness World Records) and some pictures. I had to get a jeweler to come in and count them all, and the mayor of the town came and he counted and signed that he counted. The hardest part was I had to give a written description of every cuff link," explained Carl Moulton.

People from around the world have sent the reverend buttons as a gift, including a distant relative from Sweden. 

"I probably have closer to 3,000 now because I bought somebody's collection that was 550 in October. But now that I got the certificate, I'm done. My wife asked me to stop and I said I'll stop when I get the recognition," said Carl Moulton.

However, the reverend may not be the person who literally owns the largest collection of cufflinks in the world.

According to BBC, a British man named Steve Redmond, who is over 60 years old, has managed to collect over 2,500 pairs of cufflinks, but he has not registered with the Guinness World Records. He has been collecting cuff links since he was 20 after his father gifted him his first pair of links.

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