A Ring with Over 12.000 Diamonds set a New Guinness World Record

Have you ever wondered just how many diamonds can be encrusted into a single ring? The number is quite shocking: 12,638 diamonds.

The unique precious jewelry piece, named "The Marigold", or "The Ring of Prosperity", set a new Guinness World Record.

The ring has a mesmerizing floral design, composed of thousands of 38.08-carat natural diamonds. And each and every small diamond of the floral-shaped ring is of the best quality (EF color and VVS clarity).

Credit: Renani Jewels

Furthermore, the diamond ring’s each individual petal is uniquely shaped and none of the petals is identical to each other which gives it a perfect blend of organic symmetry, design, and alignment. 

The ring weighs a little over 165.450 grams, and, according to its owners, is very comfortable. 

What a fantastic piece of timeless jewelry!

The now world-famous ring, holding the biggest number of natural diamonds, belongs to Renani Jewels from Meerut, India. and it was certified by the prestigious International Gemological Institute (IGI).

Credit: Renani Jewels

It took the House approximately three years to design and create "The Marigold".

The previous Guinness record was also achieved in India by the Hallmark Jewelers House, with 7,801 diamonds encrusted in a single ring.

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