With Whom Did Amber Heard Dine In A Luxurious Restaurant

Amber Heard was spotted by PageSix reporters while having a low-key dinner in a luxurious restaurant in the Hamptons, a super-exclusive location.

The echoes of the lawsuit she lost against her ex-husband Johnny Depp have yet to die down.

Johnny Depp has achieved his goals and rehabilitated his image. The "Pirates of the Caribbean" star immediately got back some contracts that had been frozen after the jury verdict.

However, Johnny Depp remained in the shadows, and after the trial, he ordered takeaways when he arrived at his home in Birmingham, England.

But he then threw a big party to celebrate the $ 10 million "award" for defamation. So the famous actor spent about $62,000 on an extravagant dinner of champagne and cocktails at an Indian restaurant with friends, including rock legend Jeff Beck.

Even though Amber Heard was overwhelmed by the verdict and the court decided to make her pay a huge sum of money, the beautiful blonde didn't give up dining out in luxurious locations.

Amber Heard Spotted At A Luxurious Restaurant In The Hamptons

Amber was spotted by PageSix reporters while having a low-key dinner in the Hamptons. Here, the actress ate with her family, her sister, and Whitney's two children.

It seems that despite the unfriendly verdict, the Aquaman actress isn't hiding from the world, as this Greek restaurant where the sisters were spotted is a popular one among Hollywood stars.

One person who dined at the same time at that restaurant told PageSix: "I'm glad she's going out again and living her life."

The actress's sister was always there for her during the trial and even testified on her behalf.

After the verdict, Heard's younger sister, Whitney Henriquez, commented online: "I still stand with you, sissy."

Final Verdict In The Depp-Heard Lawsuit

After about 13 hours of deliberations in a Washington courtroom, the seven jurors decided in favor of Johnny Depp on all three grounds of his defamation suit, awarding him $10 million in damages and $5 million in aggravated damages.

Clearly, these five men and two women unanimously felt that Amber Heard made false statements describing herself as a victim of domestic violence and that she acted "maliciously," even though she did not name her ex-husband in that text in The Washington Post.

The Fairfax, Virginia, court, however, reduced the $5 million in aggravated damages to $350,000 in the application of the state's statutory maximum, which reduced the amount Amber Heard owed her ex-husband to $10.4 million.

Jurors also ruled that 58-year-old Johnny Depp defamed Amber Heard by awarding her $2 million in financial compensation.

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