Zelensky's Famous Fleece Sold For £90,000 At An Auction Led By Boris Johnson

The famous khaki fleece that once belonged to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was sold for £90,000 at a charity auction led by Boris Johnson.

Zelensky was pictured touring besieged Kyiv in that fleece.

The auction, organized by Christie’s, aimed to raise funds to help Ukraine took place in London. According to The Telegraph, the auction was personally conducted by the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson.

Johnson called the Ukrainian president "one of the most incredible leaders of our time", as his country is going through a brutal war after it was invaded by Russia in February.

According to the UK Prime Minister, it was "a disaster for Putin" but a "blessing for Ukraine and for the world" that Zelensky was president of the country.

Zelensky's Famous Khaki Fleece Sold For £90,000

Boris Johnson suggested that the price of the garment should be much higher than its starting price of £50,000, urging people to spend more. The hammer came down at almost double the price - £90,000, which is over 110,000 dollars.

"Whether you are bidding for Volodymyr’s fleece – a snip at £50,000, I want much higher bids than that, or you are bidding for a tour of Kyiv with Mayor Klitschko, I have had a tour of Kyiv with Mayor Klitschko, it’s a beautiful city. Well worth it, dig deep.

Support Ukraine my friends so that great ancient European capital Kyiv can never be threatened again, and that Ukraine can be whole and free once more," Boris Johnson said.

Zelensky, who spoke from a video call ahead of the fundraiser, personally praised Great Britain and Boris Johnson, calling him "brave".

According to the publication, other lots at the Christie's auction included a cockerel jug given to Johnson during his walk with Zelensky in the Ukrainian capital.

The "Brave Ukraine" charity evening, organized by the Ukrainian Embassy in the UK, took place at the Tate Modern Gallery in London.

Funds raised during the evening will be used for the technical refurbishment of the Specialized Medical Centre for Children in Western Ukraine, which has become a hub for sick children to be taken to other countries for treatment.

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