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Article: Luxury of Beautiful Vintage Gucci Jewelry

Luxury of Beautiful Vintage Gucci Jewelry - DSF Antique Jewelry

Luxury of Beautiful Vintage Gucci Jewelry

All Gucci jewelry is handcrafted by highly skilled Italian goldsmiths and the high end jewelry collection is a synonym of excellent craftsmanship: from the selection of precious materials to the uniqueness of each design detail. Gucci Jewelry offers Italian made designs that can be worn everyday and treasured forever. 


Hardware and Iconic Feature

Everyone today is familiar with iconic Gucci horsebit. The horsebit design element is seen throughout Gucci handbags, leather goods, clothing as well as jewelry pieces, such as silver bracelets, chain necklaces, and more. Originally introduced in 1953 on a pair of loafers, the horsebit feature, is in a way, an ode to the brand’s more than humble beginning. Guccio Gucci was the son of a Tuscan leather craftsman. Guccio founded the House of Gucci in Florence in 1921 as a small family-owned leather saddlery shop and began selling leather bags to horsemen. 


Gucci Logo Gives a Strong Association With Luxury

Few brands have as strong an association with luxury as Gucci. The Gucci logo, which has enjoyed over 80 years of staying power and counting, has played an important role in elevating the brand to a high level of prominence. While working as a hotel employee in Paris and London, Guccio Gucci, became impressed by the high-quality luggage that he brought up for guests. In 1920, Gucci returned to his birthplace of Florence and opened a small shop selling fine leather goods.

Gucci Silver Buckle Bangle Bracelet

Gucci Silver Buckle Bangle Bracelet

Gucci employed skilled artisan craftsmen who hand-crafted the products with utmost attention to detail, and the store was a success. Only a decade later, Gucci had established itself as a premier luxury brand and movie stars started endorsing the brand. But up until this point the company had operated without any sort of official logo. Guccio Gucci’s son, Aldo Gucci set out to change that. In designing a logo for the brand, Aldo combined the initials of his father into a double-G design creating a logo that is immediately recognizable today by anyone with a taste for a luxury fashion, jewelry and accessories.

Gucci Sapphire Gold Cufflinks Gucci Sapphire Gold Cufflinks

How to Authenticate Fine Gucci Jewelry

Gucci jewelry for man and woman is among the most sought after jewelry today. Which, in turn, spurs an abundance of counterfeit pieces. The best way to buy authentic vintage Gucci jewelry is to purchase only from a reputable antique dealer. The presence of a Gucci hallmark and metal hallmark are key indicators to authentic Gucci jewelry. Hallmarks act like official stamps that certify the purity and the value of the metal. In some cases, hallmarks are also used to identify where the piece was procured. Ask a dealer about the hallmarks you see on the jewelry, and what they stand for).
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