Arnold Goldstein Sterling Silver Concho Brown Belt

Arnold Goldstein sterling silver charms concho brown belt.
Arnold Goldstein Sterling Silver Concho Brown Belt Weight: 958 Grams, Lbs 2.1 Approximate Measurements: Belt Length: 47" Belt Width: 1" Charms from 2" to 3.5" Arnold Goldstein sterling silver concho brown belt 14 charms. Arnold Goldstein’s passion for Western and American Indian art began in his teens. At the age of 20, he was earning a living as a professional sculptor. Goldstein’s range as an artist, sculptor & designer is impressive. His western sculptures are reminiscent of Remington’s and a few Limited Edition pieces are still available upon request. In 1968, in a chance encounter with then unknown fashion designer Ralph Lauren, Goldstein’s inspiration for his Western & American Indian inspired Jewelry line took on new life. Arnold was asked to design a line of belt buckles & bolo ties for Lauren. He continues to this day to work with Lauren on many of the designers projects. Some 40 years later, his line of unique western inspired sterling silver Concho bracelets, buckles, Concho belts, necklaces & pendants, bola ties, key chains and custom accessories continue to be made in the United States. Arnold’s passion to keep his line pure and not mass produced has resulted in heirloom pieces of jewelry to be handed down thru the generations. Prices vary from $125.00 to a limited edition Western Motif Concho Belt for $10,000.00.

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