Burle Marx 18K Gold Aquamarine Amethyst Necklace Brooch Ring

Burle Marx Aqua Amethyst Blue Topaz Necklace Pendant Brooch Ring Set 

Vintage 1970's Haroldo and Roberto Burle Marx 18K yellow gold necklace with 3 interchangeable pendants that can be worn alone or as brooches. Set comes with one amethyst and one blue topaz cocktail ring.
Haroldo Burle Marx pioneer new looks and his influence can be seen in Brazilian jewelry designer’s work to this day. When his pieces were set with gems designed by his brother Roberto the combination was something truly special. The gems Roberto conceived were in a style called the Forma Livre Cut or free form cut. The shapes transform Brazilian semiprecious gems into architectural elements in the jewels. In conjunction with the unusual forms of the metal, there is a movement to the jewelry comparably to the swirls seen in the pebbles of Copacabana beach or the rhythmic energy of Brazil’s Samba.
Gems were sourced in Brazil and only the finest ones were selected by the Burle Marx brothers. Highly Collectible!


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