Craig Drake Gold Lapis & Diamond Octagon Cufflinks

Craig Drake Diamond Lapis 18K Gold Octagon Cufflinks
Octagon shaped lapis lazuli round brilliant and square diamond set in white gold by Craig Drake. Approximate Measurements: Length: 0.8″ Diameter: 7″ Weight: 14.5″ Grams Condition: Excellent
About the Designer Craig Drake was the son of a Germantown watchmaker. Even when starting out in the soap industry as a salesman, Craig took the opportunity to diligently pursue his passion for jewelry, working late nights and on weekends creating jewelry. With a great sense of design and the right personality to sell, he soon progressed to making and selling jewelry both for other large retailers, like Tiffany’s and Neiman Marcus, and for his own business. It was in the 80's and 90's that his business boomed. The wealthiest, most connected Philadelphia residents, would come to Craig Drake to have thematic jewelry crafted with his custom designs to match their interests. An appointment with Drake was highly coveted; one had to get a referral from an existing client just to meet with him.
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