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Paul Lantuch Gold Silver Brooch

Sale price$7,500.00
Paul Lantuch Brooch
Rare, fine, and magical art of Paul Lantuch. 
Approximate Measurements: Length: 1.3" Width: 1.5" 
Weight: 23.4 Grams 
About the Artist 
Paul Lantuch ranging study of art led to his fascination with jewelry, particularly ancient designs and styles crafted in gold and silver. From 1970 to 1979, he worked as a jewelry designer for the Fashion House of Vilnius in Latvia, designing medals and illustrated books in his spare time. 
His work is distinguished by delicately carved details and a special patina, Lantuch borrows his elegant and powerful motifs from ancient history. Most Lantuch pieces are made entirely by hand, including the extremely detailed carvings in precious stone. 
Paul Lantuch jewelry are rare and he's designs pieces are above all things, unique. 

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Paul Lantuch Gold Silver Brooch
Paul Lantuch Gold Silver Brooch Sale price$7,500.00