Trabert Hoeffer Mauboussin Gold Cufflinks

. Vintage 50's Trabert Hoeffer Mauboussin 14K yellow gold cufflinks. Approximate measurements: Length 0.8", Face 0.75" x 0.5" Weight: 15.2 Grams

About the Designer Trabert & Hoeffer Mauboussin was the result of a ‘merger’ between entrepreneurial American jewellers Trabert & Hoeffer Inc. and venerable French jewellery house Mauboussin. The alliance, 1935 to 1953, left behind a legacy of glamorous, stylish, and original jewelry combining French influenced design with American manufacture and marketing prowess. Mauboussin had begun to establish and expand its award-winning French fine jewellery in America during 20’s. The crash of the stock market had led to financial difficulties in the American market, and Randolph J. Trabert & William Howard Hoeffer were quick to buy up Mauboussin jewels and offer the company a partnership: Trabert & Hoeffer Mauboussin (THM). Trabert & Hoeffer had began to associate themselves with Hollywood film studios back in the 30's, and had lent jewellery for leading ladies such as Claudette Colbert to wear on screen. Soon after the merger,  THM jewels were being worn, both on and off screen, by some of the biggest screen stars of the day such as Marlene Dietrich, Mary Pickford, and Greta Garbo.

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