Artist Submerged A Dress In The Dead Sea For Two Years. The Result Is Amazing

Want to see something truly magical? Check out this incredible dress that was submerged in the Dead Sea for two years.

Have you ever imagined what can happen if clothes stay for years at the bottom of a sea with high concentrations of salt? Israeli artist Sigalit Landau had this unusual inspiration, and the result is amazing.

The artist submerged a long dress in the waters of the Dead Sea in 2014, and took it out after two years for public display as part of a photography project titled "Salt Bride".

Watch this YouTube video and see the beautiful, magical, sensational dress created by one of the most unusual designers in the world... The Dead Sea.
wow Artist Submerges A Dress In The Dead Sea For Two Years Amazing

The Story Behind The Submerged Dress

The dress chosen for this special art project is not just any dress, it is a replica of the dress that was used in the 1916 play "Dybbuk" by S. Ansky which tells the story of a young girl of Jewish origin possessed by the ghost of her dead lover.

Over the course of two years, artist Sigalit Landau checked on the progress every three months, and when the time to take out the dress came, the results were outstanding.

The dress, which was originally black, had become completely white as if bathed in shiny crystals.

"The Salt Bride" is an 8-part photographic series and is certainly one of the Israeli artist's most impressive works.

Artist Submerges Dress In Dead Sea For Two Years

 A Dress Submerged in Dead Sea For Two Years Amazing


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