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Article: Five Tips For Choosing The Perfect Suitcase

Five Tips For Choosing The Perfect Suitcase - DSF Antique Jewelry

Five Tips For Choosing The Perfect Suitcase

It's holiday time, so start packing your things! Here are five essential tips for choosing the perfect type of suitcase for your memorable trip.

After comparing dozens of online travel agencies and booking the best price for your holiday, it's time to get ready to leave. Everything is reviewed, perhaps by drawing up a list of the most important things to remember, personal documents are checked to avoid disappointment (for example, expired ID card or passport!) and finally the fateful moment arrives: packing!

Luggage of all shapes and sizes, hand luggage or luggage to load into the hold of a plane, large - to contain everything you need (or even more!) - or small - to travel more lightly - the possibilities are numerous, depending on your needs and your planned holiday.

Five Tips For Choosing The Perfect Suitcase For Your Trip

1. Suitcase Or Backpack?

Sounds simple enough... a suitcase, right? That has wheels for easy transport. Be careful, though, if you're going on a walking tour of Europe or on an adventure to an exotic destination (in countries like Thailand, Indonesia, or Africa where there aren't many paved areas), you're better off choosing a comfortable backpack to move easily on public transport and avoid dragging your new suitcase along unpaved paths throughout your holiday, damaging both its wheels and your arms.

2. Rigid Material Or Fabric?

Textile suitcases have the advantage of being able to hold more things, a useful solution for those who plan to buy gifts and souvenirs during their holidays. They also weigh less: an empty hard case can weigh up to 11 pounds, depending on the model.

When traveling by train or car, a fabric suitcase is best, while for air travel it is better to opt for a hard suitcase, which better protects the contents from any "collateral damage" that may occur during its transportation.

3. Watch Your Wheels!

When the switch from old suitcases to trolleys was first made, it wasn't that important how the wheels were... the most important thing was that we no longer had to drag the weight of our personal belongings. Today, however, there are different types of trolleys that make our lives much easier.

It is always best to choose suitcases with four wheels so that instead of "dragging the suitcase" as if it only has two wheels, you can move it with only one finger and without tiring .... even if the terminal is huge.

4. Who Needs A Bag Without A Handle?

It's always a good idea to opt for suitcases or bags with two handles (one on top and one on the side), with colored details to avoid confusion, especially if you're traveling on crowded buses or trains (a colored ribbon or label with your details can be applied, useful even if your luggage gets lost) and with an extendable handle in proportion to your height.

If the extendable handle is too short, your lower back will suffer, while if it is too long, it is likely to complicate the management of your luggage movements.

5. Backpacking = Adventure!

The most suitable is a backpack that is not too small, ideally one with a maximum capacity of 55 liters, which allows you to carry the bare essentials (including a first aid kit, which is always good to have with you in case of emergency), with two compartments so that it can be opened from both top and bottom, with several outside zipped pockets, as well as a "secret" hiding place to keep your money.

Also, make sure you choose the right shape, so that the back is not affected by weight. It's best to put the heavy stuff at the bottom of the backpack, gradually adding the rest of the lighter stuff.

Have A Nice Holiday!

To start your holiday stress-free, it's best to check everything a few days before departure. If something happens to be missing - a dress, a swimsuit, suncream - it's not too much of a problem. It is often more convenient to buy them during the holiday itself.

But if you notice that your suitcase or backpack doesn't close properly, or the wheels don't work, then you really need a new one! 

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