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Article: How To Be Naturally Beautiful - The Secret "Ingredient"

How To Be Naturally Beautiful - The Secret "Ingredient" - DSF Antique Jewelry

How To Be Naturally Beautiful - The Secret "Ingredient"

"The beautiful is a manifestation of secret laws of nature, which without its appearance would have remained forever hidden" - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (German philosopher)

Since ancient times man has striven to maintain his beauty and improve his appearance. Women, who have always wanted to be beautiful, have been extremely inventive in this respect, and many complicated and expensive recipes created by famous women have been handed down to us over the ages.

According to The Epoch Times, some of these mysterious recipes are still used in a simplified form today.

Empress Elisabeth of Wittelsbach of Austria, Madame de Pompadour, and Queen Cleopatra as well as many other famous women have used and still use simple but valuable natural products to care for their beauty, and the results are remarkable.

The Natural Beauty Secrets Of Cleopatra

Queen Cleopatra (69-30 BC) was regarded in her time as an ideal of beauty and was greatly admired and imitated by her contemporaries.

Cleopatra remained famous for bathing in milk to care for her skin. But you don't need to bathe in a tub of buffalo or goat's milk to nourish your skin, as you can use other dairy products (such as cottage cheese) in addition to milk. These contain admirable nourishing substances, which lead to a beautiful complexion.

Empress Sissi Used The Powers Of Lavender

Elisabeth of Wittelsbach (1837-1898), the beautiful Empress of Austria, known as Sissi, had a weakness for the scent of lavender. It helped her cope, both physically and mentally, with all her tiring court duties.

The soothing power of lavender could be a good remedy for our stressed generation too. When restlessness arises and nerves break down, or even a state of anxiety sets in, the soothing scent of lavender has a beneficial relaxing action and brings comfort to the human body.
How To Be Naturally Beautiful Secret Ingredient
A more sensitive or nervous person can use lavender, orange blossom, or rose perfume.

Madame de Pompadour Loved Rose Water

Madame de Pompadour (1721-1764), like her contemporaries, did not place much value on water but washed her face and décolleté with rose water, which she often mixed with various fruit juices.

The beautiful-smelling rose water, made from fresh rose petals, has positive effects on the skin and is still used today in the formula of many cosmetics.

The "Miracle Products" Of The Cosmetics Industry

Nowadays we are offered a lot of cosmetic products, so it is becoming increasingly difficult to choose the right skincare product for you. Researchers in the cosmetics industry are continually busy developing new "miracle products", which they claim have spectacular effects after some time of use. So, from time to time, new products appear on the market claiming to have the potential to stretch wrinkles and maintain skin.

There are creams, gels, or lotions that claim to solve all the problems and imperfections of the human body. Product advertising does not make it easy for the buyer to find out which product best suits their skin type.

We need to understand and come to terms with the fact that there is no beauty product in the world capable of completely transforming the wrinkled face of an elderly man into the glowing complexion of a teenager. The more expensive a cosmetic product is, the greater the disillusionment if, when using it, the effects are not as expected.

Those following a cosmetic treatment program should not forget to have their skin checked from time to time. Generally, it is easy to overlook the fact that oily skin has normalized, that normal skin is becoming drier, or that in the meantime we have inadvertently reached mature skin. Unfortunately, with many industrially produced cosmetics, not all the substances of which they are composed are mentioned in detail on the packaging, so the consumer cannot tell whether the product is beneficial or not.

The Power Of Natural Beauty Products

As the atmosphere has become increasingly polluted, the number and variety of allergies unfortunately increased. At the same time, however, individual awareness of the environment has increased, and because of these factors, more and more people are turning to natural cosmetics.

In the cosmetic industry, whole lines of care products (creams, soaps, shampoos, lotions, deodorants, etc.) claim that they are natural, although in some cases this is not quite true, as many of them contain synthetic additives.

Books have appeared, exposing ancient methods of beauty, as well as much information about things still unknown.

We learn that many greens, vegetables, and fruits are not only a source of bodily health, giving the person a pleasant appearance, but in combination with other ingredients, they constitute remarkable cosmetic products. We should not forget that natural products are much cheaper than industrial cosmetics. Natural cosmetics also have their drawbacks, such as the fact that a homemade lotion has a short shelf life and that some herbs can have side effects.

The Secret "Ingredient" To Be Naturally Beautiful

In general, all beauty products help you to look neat and well-groomed but don't forget that unique "something" that plays an important role in your beauty, highlighting what is unique to you. Accept your face and body, don't analyze yourself overly critically, but try to focus your attention mainly on the qualities of your appearance.

A contented and happy person radiates beauty. Find an interesting hobby, get out into nature often and enjoy the little things. Make fun of trouble whenever you can, because wrinkles caused by annoyance and bitterness are never as attractive as those caused by laughter and good humor.

Laugh as much as you can, because laughter is good for your whole being - both inside and out - and makes you a happy and agreeable person to others. A beautiful and wise person is one who cares for and gives attention and support to those around him, thus being able to beautify both his own life and the lives of others.

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