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Article: Interesting Facts: Did You Know Your Hair Can Contain Gold?

Interesting Facts: Did You Know Your Hair Can Contain Gold?
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Interesting Facts: Did You Know Your Hair Can Contain Gold?

Did you know that your hair can contain... gold? Sound incredible, right? But scientists have confirmed that it's not some fairytale.

In financial crises and all sorts of economically complicated times, such as these ones that we are living today, any little treasure trove is of course welcome. But who would have thought we could find gold in our own hair?!

It's a well know saying that money doesn't fall from the sky. But, what people don't know is that it can grow in their own hair. Or at least the equivalent of money - gold.

Human hair contains carbon (50%), oxygen (21%), nitrogen (17%), and sulfur (5%), but gold is not missing from its composition either. BBC Science Focus magazine claims that children's hair may contain more gold than older people. Apparently, it is passed on to babies through their mother's milk and is probably lost during life, like many other physical assets.

Yes, Your Hair Can Contain Gold

However, should now think that we can find whole grams of the precious yellow metal in our hair. The gold in our hair occurs in nanoparticles, which means it's in tiny amounts, as reported by Science Node. In other words, don't cut off your hair to make money out of it, because you won't.

While it's not possible to get rich overnight with this gold in our hair, there are other ways this gold in our hair can be used. The naturally occurring gold particles in human hair can be used in their unprocessed form in electronics, certain sensors, and even medical experiments or to treat cancer, Science Node reports.

It can be a disappointment to some that they feel like they're wearing a pure gold crown on their head, but can't take much advantage of it. Small Acorn claims the gold in hair is less than 100 pieces per million, but its value is more emotional than financial.

From antiquity till the present day, gold has always been a classic precious metal that does not wear out or devalue. The value of gold will always be significant.

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