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Article: The Hidden Powers Of Meditation. It Changes The Structure Of Your Brain

The Hidden Powers Of Meditation. It Changes The Structure Of Your Brain - DSF Antique Jewelry

The Hidden Powers Of Meditation. It Changes The Structure Of Your Brain

Many people tend to underestimate the hidden powers of ancient well-being practice methods such as meditation. They have a profound impact on the human body.

The effects of meditation are not limited to the spiritual sphere. Scientists have concluded that meditation has positive effects on the structure of the brain, not only by increasing the amount of grey matter but also by forming closer connections between functional areas.

A while ago, University of California employees found that more grey matter was detected in some areas of the brains of people who had been meditating for a long time than in the brains of people who did not.
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It is a well-known fact that the amount of functional grey matter naturally decreases with age. This special amazing effect of meditation practice therefore immediately attracted the attention of scientists.

The Hidden Powers Of Meditation

Several studies have also confirmed that meditation promotes closer connections between different areas of the brain and slows the progression of age-related atrophy.
Powers Of Meditation. It Changes The Structure Of Your Brain
According to Medical Xpress, using the Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI) method, scientists assessed the structural relationship of the brains of people who meditate. It turned out that the practice of meditation leads to the formation of large-scale nerve networks and interactions that are not limited to a specific area but include the frontal, parietal and occipital parts, corpus callosum, limbic structure, and brainstem.

The enhanced interactions play a switching role, distributing electrical signals to different brain structures. Neurologists do not deny the appearance of microscopic positive changes in nerve cells, which are actually the cause of the visible effects.
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The process by which meditation leads to such a result is unknown, but it is probably a powerful tool that can change not only the worldview but also the physical structure of the entire brain.

The Potential Of Meditation Is Truly Enormous

Previous studies have already shown that meditation helps prolong youth, reduces the risk of depression, slows the progression of HIV, and even allows control of the body's thermoregulation.
Meditation peace mind and body
These multi-systemic effects are caused by meditation, which does not require financial investment, intense physical work, or anything supernatural. Perhaps this is the most accessible way for people of all ages to change.

There are many types of different meditation practices, some effective and some less effective. Some simple, and some more complex. Some of them were even passed down through the generations and are ancient and life-changing.

Falun Dafa - An Timeless Secret Revealed

One of China's best-kept secrets of the 1990s was Falun Dafa (or Falun Gong). Whether you call it a meditation practice, a spiritual discipline, or a type of "qigong", tens of millions of people were practicing it. Since then, it has spread across the globe in over 100 countries.

Falun Dafa - which has extremely ancient roots - is practiced completely free of cost in public parks or at home, and it is world-renowned for its health and mental benefits. It has received thousands of awards and recognitions. So, if you are looking for the perfect mediation practice, this is our recommendation for you.

Falun Dafa refines or cultivates both mind and body, which makes it difficult for Western terminology to classify it properly. Is it a spiritual practice or is it physical exercise? The correct answer is "both", as both are an integral part of Falun Dafa.
Meditation learn qigong how to meditate
Falun Dafa places great emphasis on the constant improvement of the individual's moral character by following a set of teachings based on three fundamental principles: Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance.

Thus, in addition to the mediation exercises, practitioners try to align their thoughts and actions in daily life with these universal values through a form of inner self-discipline called "cultivation" in ancient Chinese culture. The practice is extremely powerful for both mind and body.
Falun Dafa is always taught for free in communities around the world. You can even take online Falun Dafa classes. Still free, and available right in your own home. Visit now

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