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Article: Why Is Kate Middleton Not Allowed To Wear Diamonds Whenever She Wants

Why Is Kate Middleton Not Allowed To Wear Diamonds Whenever She Wants - DSF Antique Jewelry
Kate Middleton

Why Is Kate Middleton Not Allowed To Wear Diamonds Whenever She Wants

Few people know that Kate Middleton, Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge, the wife of Britain's Prince William, cant wear diamonds whenever she wants to.

We all know that diamonds are a woman's best friend. Although we all can wear them whenever we feel the need for a little extra sparkle, it seems not everyone can enjoy them whenever they want to. For example, according to Diva Hair, women in Britain's Royal Household are forbidden to wear diamonds at certain times.

Kate Middleton must adopt a strict dress code. However, we never realized just how harsh these rules can be until we learned that the duchess is not allowed to show their toes or cleavage during events they attend. She is are also not allowed to wear diamonds whenever she wants.

Kate Middleton Isn't Allowed To Wear Diamonds As She Pleases

According to royal etiquette expert Myka Meier, women in royal families aren't allowed to be too "sparkly" on a day out. For this reason, Kate is only allowed to wear diamonds after 6 pm.

After 6 pm, the Duchess of Cambridge is also allowed to wear metallic accessories, precious stones, and sapphires. In the evening, diamonds are allowed because they are not as sparkly as they are during the day.
kate middleton
One surprising rule from which Kate Middleton does not deviate and which has caught the attention of experts is that she never takes off her jacket in public, no matter how hot it is. Apparently, the members of royal families are not allowed to undress in public and therefore have to endure even high temperatures.

Kate Middleton Loves Luxurious Jewelry

The Duchess of Cambridge was often surprised wearing pearl earrings during the day. Kate is a big fan of jewelry that stands out and doesn't hesitate to wear them on special occasions.

We can't forget her memorable look at the BAFTA Awards. That time, the Duchess wore a necklace and a pair of emerald and diamond earrings. Many people said that the Duchess' necklace looked very much like the emerald choker that Princess Diana used to wear often.

Not to mention the fact that Kate Middleton is always wearing probably the most famous sapphire engagement ring in the world. It initially belonged to Princess Diana, the late Princess of Hearts. It's absolutely a stunning piece that now decorates the royal finger of Kate.

The gorgeous engagement ring was made by the House of Garrard out of 18-carat white gold, it is adorned with a 12-carat blue sapphire surrounded by 14 diamonds. The fame of this ring is entirely justified by its beauty. The ring has an estimated price of half a million dollars, but the truth is that it is priceless for the British Royal Family.

The popularity of this amazing piece of jewelry led to an explosion in sales of sapphire engagement rings around the world.

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