Baseball Signed By Zelenskyy Sold At Auction For $50,000

RR Auction, a Boston auction house, sold a baseball ball signed by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy for $50,000.

Part of the proceeds will be donated to Ukrainians who fleed the country as a result of the Russian invasion.

RR Auction said the winning bid for the ball in the Rawlings Major League baseball game was three times higher than estimated.
Baseball Signed By Zelenskyy Sold At Auction For $50,000
"SOLD! A baseball signed by Volodymyr Zelenskyy sold for 50k. RR Auction is proud to be donating more than $15,000, in addition to our consignor's generous donation to the Ukraine relief effort, via
Americares," RR Auction wrote on Twitter.

Out of the amount obtained under the hammer, the company will donate $15,000. This will not be the only good deed for Ukraine related to this sale. The seller of the baseball, Randy Kaplan, will present an unspecified portion of his proceeds to the global non-profit organization Americares.

The Baseball Signed By Zelenskyy

The ball is signed by Zelenskyy in Ukrainian and also with Latin Cyrillic letters. It is accompanied by a letter signed by Volodymyr Yelchenko, Ukraine's permanent representative to the UN.

Kaplan is a well-known collector of baseballs signed by world leaders who seldom auction off his precious pieces.

The winning bidder wished to remain anonymous, but was described by RR Auction as "a collector from the Midwest who is delighted that some of the funds are going to help Ukraine."

In the same auction, documents signed by the British naturalist Alfred Wallace, the inventor Nikola Tesla or Albert Einstein were sold.

Millions Of Ukrainians Forced To Flee Their Homes

More than 12 million people are believed to have fled their homes in Ukraine since the Russian Invasion began, according to the United Nations.

Just over six million have left for neighboring countries and another 6.5 million people are thought to be displaced inside the war-torn country itself.

Refugees are also crossing to neighboring countries to the west, mainly Poland.

The UN says that as of 11 May, more than six million people have left Ukraine:

    Poland has taken in 3,272,943 refugees
    Romania 895,828
    Russia 785,348
    Hungary 583,066
    Moldova 459,546
    Slovakia 409,527
    Belarus 27,308

Ukrainian authorities fear that many of the people displaced to Russia were forcibly moved.

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