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Article: Milan Fashion Week, a Special Event with a Special Designer: Giorgio Armani

Milan Fashion Week Special Event Special Designer: Giorgio Armani
Giorgio Armani

Milan Fashion Week, a Special Event with a Special Designer: Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani came to Milan Fashion Week with a sea of "sweetness": light, fluid clothes presented in a fantastic decor looking like a seabed.

The new spring/summer 2022 women's collection by Giorgio Armani was an ode to effortless elegance, the apotheosis of the designer's career.

Armani choose for his parade a small theater on Via Borgonuovo and transformed it into an aquatic backdrop illuminated by the lights of the sunset.

Pure Magic by Armani

Giorgio Armani's collection has left more than one guest with tears in his eyes as the famous designer put on stage a collection that was a riot of sweetness and lightness. There were clothes of the purest beauty, with a metaphysical consistency, wore by smiling girls resembling undulating mermaids.

Due to the intimate and welcoming atmosphere of the small historical theater in Via Borgonuovo, the emotion was almost tangible.
The eyes of the fashion designer Giorgio Armani shined with emotion and satisfaction at the sight of the beauty he created.

"Today we need sweetness, to be in love and for someone to fall in love with us. We keep what we have with our teeth, we have the Earth: let's try to save him and ourselves. The small historical theater in Via Borgonuovo was the background of some fashion shows that many remember and which for me represent the founding moment of my aesthetics. The decision to exhibit again in this space is related to the desire to recover a more intimate dimension of the Giorgio Armani collection. It is a return to the origins, without nostalgia", said Giorgio Armani at the end of the show.

A Collection Like a Fairy Tale

The only feeling of nostalgia allowed on the theater was that of the summer that has just ended: The show opened with a film depicting waves, slow waves, sliding lazily on the shore, surprising the viewer with the iridescent reflections of the sun's rays shining on the sea. Initially, the sky was clear and bright, a sunrise sky when the night fog dissipates.

"I want to rock you, to rock you ... to lay you on a wave of the sea, of the sea ...", singed Nico Fidenco in the background, the first piece of a soundtrack inspired by the classic Italian songs about the sea and summer.

"I love these songs. It is a tribute to Italy, but I do not want to set myself up as the savior of the homeland. They remind me of 40 years ago when I started and these songs accompanied my work: this set of things convinced me to tread a little bit of the hand," Armani confessed.

And the music kept playing, giving voice to the sea... And Armani's sea was not an ordinary sea, but the Mediterranean Sea, a crossroads of peoples and influences that we find in the shapes and colors of his collection. He offered to the amazed eyes of the public a marine symphony of whites and blues, lit by shades of coral red, with collarless jackets closed by jewel-enamel pins or soft and elongated paired with trousers that are always fluid, almost floating, combined with crochet caps or scarves to cover the head and low and laced sandals.

"Mixing suggestions has always been part of my language: I pick up signs and colors everywhere, and then work in subtraction, purify, maintaining their echo. This collection is a métissage: a mixture of influences, of travel memories. The colors light up, the rigor softens. The times, in my opinion, require this," Giorgio Armani explained.

And for the evenings, Armani came with an "explosion" of luminous and weightless dresses, layers of tulle in shades of pink or blue, which barely touch the body, decorated with sparkles of crystals that play with light like the sun's rays on the waves of the sea.

It's a wardrobe that seems to have come straight out of fairy tales. A fairytale world with which the Italian artist, "Re Giorgio" as he is well nicknamed, has delighted us over time.

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