Extremely Rare Treasure Found In Greece after 30 Years Of Excavations

A team of archaeologists has spent 30 years excavating an ancient site in South Est Greece. What they found exceeded their wildest expectations...

Dating back to the mysterious world of greek mythology, the palace of the legendary King Nestor in Pilos, South Est Greece, has long been thought to hide ancient Greece's deepest secret.

Husband-and-wife archaeologists Jack Davis and Sharon Stocker, two scientists from the University of Cincinnati in the United States, have spent 30 years here unearthing evidence of the lives of ancient greeks.

In 2015, they made an extraordinary discovery, an incredibly rare treasure, nothing like it found on Greek soil for more than a century.

Ancient Treasure Rooted In Greek Mythology

In an abandoned olive grove outside the palace walls, they began excavating. After ten days of excavations, they found an ancient tomb filled with the kind of treasure that archaeologists only dream of.

"We were about a meter deep in the excavations and found almost nothing, then suddenly a thick layer of bronze appeared and we knew we had something special at that moment," Davis said,  according to Smithsonian Channel.

"It was an amazing discovery and I don't think anybody ever imagined in their career to find something like this," his wife added.

The Rare Treasure Composed of Exquisite Jewelry, Weapons, Gold and Silver Objects

The amazing treasure trove contains many precious stones, beautifully crafted weapons, armor, stunning gold rings, exquisite jewelry, gold and silver objects.

Archaeologists also found the skeleton of a man, probably a warrior from that ancient time. They called him the "Griffin Warrior", inspired by the eagle-headed lion in Greek legend.

"It was of moderate stature, he was between 30 and 35 years old. His legs bones and arm bones are slightly bent, which suggest he was very, very strong."

Among the goods in the mystery man's tomb, the two archeologists found imagines of animals and mythical beasts that echo paintings in the nearby palace walls.

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