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Article: René Lalique Antique Jewelry Collection Sold At Auction

René Lalique Antique Jewelry Collection Sold At Auction - DSF Antique Jewelry

René Lalique Antique Jewelry Collection Sold At Auction

Antique jewelry pieces and objects made with extreme refinement by the famous designer René Lalique, the shining star of Art Nouveau, were sold at an auction.

The auction was organized by Sotheby’s, in Paris, on 17 December 2021, and was officially entitled "Claude H. Sorbac: la collection d’une vie, René Lalique".

The well-known auction house presented the collection of a lifetime, assembled by Claude Henri Roger Sorbac centering on the designs of René Lalique.

Tens of unique pieces signed by the brilliant Art Nouveau artisan - including brooches, necklaces, pendants, rings, cufflinks, bags, a  cape buckle as well as glass objects, dishes, and even a unique hand mirror - were sold for over 1,65 million euros (over 1,86 million dollars) to collectors across the globe.

Rare René Lalique Antique Jewelry Collection

According to Sotheby’s, this collection explores the work of René Lalique, an Avant-garde artist-designer who worked in a variety of fields: jewelry, goldsmithing, illustration, sculpture, and of course glassware.

Lalique pioneered the use of innovative materials such as glass, tortoiseshell, ivory, and horn, as well as metals such as aluminum, bronze, and copper, combined with other rarer materials such as diamond, precious stones, and gold. By combining these materials with unprecedented or reclaimed creative techniques, he brought exquisite beauty to these objects.

Claude Henri Roger Sorbac's extraordinary collection highlights this creativity and bold approach to design. Certain pieces are museum-quality works, illustrating the highest level of French craftsmanship. These include the "Orchidée Cattleya" (Cattleya Orchid) comb, the "Hirondelles amoureuses" (Loving Swallows) comb, the "Grenouilles" (Frogs) necklace, and the "Papillon de Nuit" (Night Butterfly) brooch.

René Lalique Antique Jewelry Collection

Photo Credit: Sotheby’s

These works are perfectly complemented with more unexpected objects which reveal René Lalique’s creativity and his artistic connections to various cultural circles of the time.

Examples include his works related to Edmond Rostand’s play Chantecler, written in 1910: the incredible "Chantecler" collar, the "Coqs affrontés" cape buckle with its naturalist lines, and illustrations of the playwright’s two works, "Chantecler" and "L’Aiglon".

"Cattleya Orchid" - An Extraordinary Work Of Art

This unique and mesmerizing piece features a combination between ivory, horn, enamel, and diamonds, and was created sometime between 1903 and 1904. It was sold for 738,500 euros.

René Lalique Flower brooch Jewelry

Cattleya by René Lalique orchid flower

Photos Credit: Sotheby’s

The "Cattleya" was designed by René Lalique as an orchid flower made of carved ivory, the leaves applied with plique-à-jour enamel and circular-cut diamonds, set on a horn comb, measuring approximately 215 x 160mm. It is made of 18-carat gold and has a gross weight of 101.25 grams.

"Pansies" - Timeless beauty

This piece is a glass, enamel, and diamond tiara that was sold at the Paris auction for 163,800 euros.

René Lalique jewelry

Photo Credit: Sotheby’s

The bandeau is decorated with molded glass pansy flowers motifs, green enamel foliage, and set with circular-, single-cut, and rose diamonds. Its length is approximately 315mm, gross weight 84.65 grams.  French assay marks for 18-carat gold and maker's mark for René Lalique; circa 1904-1905.

"Night Butterfly" Brooch - Mysterious Antique Jewelry

This amazing brooch made by Lalique is In the shape of a night butterfly with articulated wings applied with multi-colored cloisonné enamel and highlighted with circular-cut and rose diamonds, measuring approximately 96 x 50mm. French assay marks for 18-carat gold. Its gross weight is 23.74 grams; circa 1900.

Night butterflies jewel by René Lalique

Night butterflies by René Lalique

Photos Credit: Sotheby’s

The "Night Butterfly" brooch was sold for no less than 126,000 euros.

René Lalique's "Chantecler" - Pure Refinement

This René Lalique unique piece is made of leather, enamel, glass, 18-carat gold, and citrine collar, and was sold for 138,600 euros.

René Lalique necklace

In openwork leather embroidered with silk, depicting roosters applied with enamel and accented by glass berry motifs, the clasp collet-set with a cabochon citrine.

The gross weight of this antique jewelry piece is 277.45 grams. It was made in 1909.

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