Putin's $1 million-plus Armored Car That Can Even Protect Him From Chemical Attacks

Russian President Vladimir Putin rides around his country in a special armored car that can protect him even from a bomb or even chemical weapons attack.

Similar to a James Bond movie, the passengers of the $1 million-plus limousine, which weighs about seven tonnes, can survive even if the car is completely submerged in water, according to The Sun.

With a value of 1,308,900 dollars, money provided by the state budget, the Aurus Kortezh limo - Putin's supercar - has a 4.4-liter V8 engine and is 7 meters long.
Putin's $1 million-plus Armored Car Protect Him From Chemical Attacks

Putin's Special Armored Car

The limousine has run-flat tires (designed to resist the effects of deflation when punctured), 6cm reinforced glass, night-vision cameras, an air compression system to protect against gas attacks, armor plating, and an emergency exit through the trunk.

The car can recognize road signs and limit its speed, and when it gets into a collision it automatically moves the passenger seats to a safer position, tightens the seat belts, and closes the doors and windows.

At least 12.4 billion roubles - 200 million dollars - of state funding was poured into the car's design. It was built at the NAMI state automotive institute in Moscow and made from Russian-made parts.

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