Rolls Royce Had Its Best Year Ever. The Covid-19 Pandemic Helped

Famous luxury car manufacturer Rolls Royce had its best year ever. The company's boss explains the success and the reasons why the Covid-19 pandemic played a part in this regard.

Rolls Royce had its best year ever after sales reached 5,500 cars, up 49% in a year, at a time when most car brands declined due to the semiconductor crisis. The company's boss said that very wealthy people also bought the brand's cars after seeing people in their communities dying of Covid-19 and realizing that life can be short and worth living to the fullest...

Rolls Royce, part of the BMW Group, is the world's biggest seller of cars that are worth over 250,000 euros. Last year the Phantom was the best-selling model, the Cullinan SUV generated 30% of sales. The Spectre full-electric car will be launched in 2023.

The average age of Rolls Royce clients was 43.

Why Have Rolls Royce's Sales Gone So Well?

Here is what the company’s chief executive Torsten Müller-Ötvös says, as quoted by the Guardian.

"Many people witnessed people in their community dying from Covid and that made them think life can be short and you’d better life now rather than postpone until a later date. That has helped Rolls Royce."
Rolls Royce Ghost - Credit: Pixabay
That's not the only explanation. Rolls Royce's CEO thinks it also helped that some of the travel restrictions prevented people with lots of money from spending on other things, such as exorbitantly priced holidays.

"It is very much due to Covid that the entire luxury business is booming worldwide. People couldn’t travel a lot, they couldn’t invest a lot into luxury services … and there is quite a lot of money accumulated that is spent on luxury goods."

For Rolls Royce, China and America remain the two biggest markets, each at 30% of sales. In Europe, the company makes about 15% of its sales.

The Evolution Of Rolls Royce's Sales Over The Past 15 Years

2007: 1,010 cars

2009: 1.002

2010: 2.711

2014: 4.063

2017: 3.438

2019: 5.100

2020: 3.756

2021: 5.586

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