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Article: The Incredible Wealth Of A Sheikh and His Wife. £2m Spent On Strawberries

The Incredible Wealth Of A Sheikh and His Wife. £2m Spent On Strawberries

The Incredible Wealth Of A Sheikh and His Wife. £2m Spent On Strawberries

How much should someone that can afford to spend £2m on strawberries in one summer pay to his ex-wife after divorce?

The financial settlement in the divorce between the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, and his ex-wife, Princess Haya, revealed what the judges called a "truly opulent and unprecedented standard of living enjoyed by these parties" during their marriage, The Guardian reports.

For example, the couple spent £2 million on strawberries in one summer, and the children were given an allowance of £10 million a year.

The judges also acknowledged that prior to the separation, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum was giving his wife £ 83 million a year for household expenses, plus a £9 million a year allowance for her personal expenses.

Their children, 14-year-old Jalila, and 9-year-old Zayed had an annual allowance of about £ 10 million a year, as well as access to a fleet of planes owned by the sheikh, including a custom-fit Boeing 747, helicopters, and a 300-million pounds yacht. Not to mention the luxury properties worth hundreds of millions. The children and their mother had a staff of about 80 employees providing services for them.

A Record-Breaking Financial Settlement

One summer, during their marriage, princess Haya and Sheikh Mohammed spent, according to the court, £2 million on strawberries.

Taking into consideration all this information about the incredible living standard the Sheikh has, the British court has ruled that Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum will pay his ex-wife and two children a divorce settlement that could exceed £ 500 million, the largest ever granted by a British court.

The court heard that while the sheikh would be able to afford any amount, his ex-wife's resources amounted to £100m but were largely tied up in two properties and she had been forced to sell assets worth £15.6m since coming to Britain.

Princess Haya fled to Britain with her two children in 2019, claiming her life was in danger and that Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum had abducted her other two daughters.

The Princess Got £550 million

The sheikh denied the allegations. Nevertheless, as part of the divorce settlement, the British court ruled that Sheikh Mohammed should pay around £550 million to his former wife and their two children not just to maintain their lifestyle but also for their security.

The Briitish Court decided that princess Haya and her kids will receive a single payment of 251 million pounds, two houses in London, a 3 million pound education fund, and security payments totaling 11 million pounds a year which are part of a bank guarantee of 290 million pounds.

In making the decision, the court says princess Haya and her children are particularly vulnerable and the main threat they face is from Sheikh Mohammed himself.

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