The World's Richest Athletes: Tiger Woods Is Officially A Billionaire

With an estimated fortune of at least 1 billion dollars, American golfer Tiger Woods has become one of the richest athletes in the world.

He is officially one of just three known athlete billionaires.

Tiger Woods is one of the top-earning sportsmen alongside his compatriots Michael Jordan and NBA basketball legend LeBron James reports Forbes magazine, quoted by the international press.

Tiger Woods is 46 years old and won 15 Grand Slam titles. He made a spectacular return to the competition this spring after nearly losing his right leg to a serious traffic accident in February 2021.

Tiger Woods - At The Top Of The World's Richest Athletes

In his 27-year career, Woods has earned around 1.7 billion dollars, mostly from his numerous advertising contracts and other investments, accounting for more than 90% of his income.

So, less than 10% of Woods’ career earnings come from golf winnings. The bulk of his fortune is connected with the enormous endorsement deals with more than a dozen brands, including Gatorade, Monster Energy, TaylorMade, Rolex, and Nike, with whom he signed in 1996 and which remains his biggest backer.

According to Forbes, Woods is one of the world's richest athletes after LeBron James, the first active NBA basketball player to become a billionaire, which happened this year, and Michael Jordan, who became one after his career ended, like the late Kobe Bryant.

In fact, Michael Jordan had to wait 11 years after retirement to be on top of such a colossal fortune. But LeBron James was more fortunate. With the 121 million dollars he acquired last year, James' bank account has also recently reached a colossal 1 billion dollars.

LeBron James is an 18-time NBA all-star, 4-time NBA champion, and 2-time Olympic gold medalist.

Tiger Woods, who will not play in the US Open next week, plans to play in the British Open in Scotland's St. Andrews in July.

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