Will Smith Has A Peculiar Relationship With His Wife: He Was Also Mocked At The BAFTA Awards

The 2022 Academy Awards brought one of the most controversial and shocking moments in the history of the gala: Will Smith slapped Chris Rock directly on stage.

The comedy actor made a joke about Will Smith's wife - Jada Pinkett Smith - who is losing her hair due to alopecia, a dermatological condition of the hair follicles.

Will Smith appeared to be amused at first but reacted violently when he looked at his wife and saw that she didn't take the joke well at all.

Will Smith and his wife have been the subject of jokes and comments before, due to their atypical relationship.

Will Smith (53) and Jada Pinkett (50) met on the set of Prince of Bel-Air in 1994 when Jada auditioned for the role of Will Smith's girlfriend, which she didn't get. The two married in 1997 after Jada became pregnant. She also said she cried about having to get married.

They have two children together - a son Jaden (23) and a daughter Willow (21). They

At one point, Will Smith and Jada decided to stop calling their relationship "a marriage" and give each other so-called space and freedom.

The Peculiar Relationship Between Will Smith And His Wife

Jada Pinkett admitted that five years ago she had a special relationship with rapper August Alsina - a relationship she called "entanglement". She later clarified the situation: "It was a relationship."

At the BAFTA Awards earlier this month, host Rebel Wilson, joked on stage when talking about Will Smith: "I thought his best performance in the last year was agreeing with all his wife's boyfriends!".

Will Smith himself stated last year that his wife doesn't believe in conventional relationships and that he has had other relationships outside of marriage as well.

"We have given each other trust and freedom, with the belief that we must each find our own way. And marriage for us cannot be a prison."

Smith also said he doesn't care if there is speculation about his marriage and that he encourages everyone to speak out.

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