Zlatan Spoils... Zlatan. The Famous Soccer Player Gifts Himself a € 500,000 Ferrari

Swedish footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic turned 40 on Sunday, October 3, and he spent a fortune to offer himself a stunning gift.

The AC Milan star spent over 500,000 euro on a new Ferrari Sf90 Stradale to celebrate his 40th birthday. The car is a jewelry on wheels, the first-ever hybrid-electric Ferrari car with a top speed of 211 mph.

Ibrahimovic Instagrammed a picture of his new car and captioned it: "Happy Birthday to Zlatan."

This is not the first expensive car that Ibrahimovic Zlatan gifts himself on the occasion of his birthday. The superstar has created a tradition as he also got himself a car on his 38th and 39th birthday.

Two years ago, when he turned 38, Zlatan spent  £1.4million on a rare Ferrari Monza SP2 and last year he gifted himself a new Porsche 911 Targa 4S Heritage Design Edition in red.

Zlatan Ibrahimović plays as a striker for Serie A club AC Milan and the Sweden national team. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest strikers of all time.

Ibrahimović won 31 trophies in his career. He has scored over 570 career goals, including more than 500 club goals.

Ibrahimovic is Milan's Highest-Paid Player, He Has a €7 Million a Year Deal

The extravagant and hyper self-confident Zlatan grew up poor, being one of five children living in a dangerous housing project in the center of Malmo, Sweden. He spoke with a lisp, was self-conscious about his big nose and he went to school mainly for the free lunches.

When the school hired a special teacher to work with him, the humiliation was complete... So when the woman came out to watch him play soccer one afternoon, Ibrahimovic lined a long-distance shot off her head. A few days later the teacher quit and Ibrahimovic felt that the world can be a cold, cruel place, but with a soccer ball at his feet he could make the world bend to his will.

"I wanted to stand up to the whole world and show everybody who’d doubted me who I really was," he wrote in his autobiography "I Am Zlatan."

"And I couldn’t imagine anyone who’d be able to stop me." And nobody did...

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