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Article: The Hair - The Most Beautiful Adornment. Tips To Keep It Healthy

The Hair - The Most Beautiful Adornment. Tips To Keep It Healthy - DSF Antique Jewelry
Keep It Healthy

The Hair - The Most Beautiful Adornment. Tips To Keep It Healthy

When I was young, my auntie used to tell me that if you want to make a good impression your hair and shoes have to look impeccable.

Otherwise, with messy or dull hair and sloppy shoes, the people who see you for the first time will have a negative impression of you.

To have good-looking shoes is not difficult. A brush and some polish would do the job. What about your hair? Sometimes no matter which products you use your hair looks unhealthy... Let us share with you a few tips for attaining healthy bright-looking hair.

Tips For A Healthy Hair

Healthy hair is beautiful, rich, silky, and shiny.

If you notice early signs of hair damage, such as thinning, breakage, dryness, and hair fall, there are some things you can do in order to stop or slow down this process.

Brush Your Hair Only A Few Times A Day

Good hair brushing helps to stimulate circulation and remove hair residues. It is enough if we do this only a few times a day. Excessive combing will accentuate the breakage of hair, especially if the hair is fine and brittle.

Dry hair has a tendency to get tangled and messy which causes knots and breakage along the way. So, in order to not harm the hair, it is recommended to brush your hair in sections.

Brushing your hair from top to bottom may cause breakage. It is better to start the brushing in the middle or a few inches from your ends. Move the brush up an inch or two from where you started and continue brushing downward until you have removed all tangles. Continue moving up your hair up to your scalp, and then brush the entire length of your hair a few times.

Don't Wash Your Head With Hot Water

When applying the shampoo, the water temperature is important. If it is cold, we cannot remove the grease, and if it is very hot, it affects the balance of the scalp. The solution is to opt for water at medium temperature.

Rinse Your Hair With Cold Water!

The last rinse should be with cold water and the water should flow from top to bottom. This is a good way to close the hair cuticles, which immediately increase their brightness and color.

The Ally Of Tangled Hair: The Conditioner

When the hair is very tangled, it is necessary to apply a conditioner. Very fine or very dry hair, which tangles easily, has a natural ally in the conditioner. The conditioner brightens and invigorates the hair and makes it easier to brush.
Women’s beauty hair
The conditioner should not be applied to the root of the hair, but only along the hair to nourish it. This way the hair will be smooth, silky, and easy to comb.

Protection Creams Help Damaged Hair

In these times when fashion uses curling irons, hair straighteners, and powerful hairdryers, it is necessary to use a good Thermal Protector in order to preserve the hair healthy. These products create a protective layer for the hair and act as a heat insulator, restoring the inner structure of the hair.

Forbidden Direction When Drying The Hair

When using the hairdryer, we must direct the airflow from top to bottom, never from the front or from the bottom up. When the airflow is directed downwards or vertically, the hair cuticles close which makes the hair shine beautifully.

The Scalp Massage - Important For A Beautiful, Healthy Hair

A good scalp massage stimulates circulation, thus increasing the intake of nutrients that reach the hair bulb, or the root of the hair.

It is done with the fingertips, with rotating gestures, with medium pressure, and covering the entire surface of the scalp. Moreover, you will find that it is not only healthy, but it will also make you feel good and relaxed.

If You Don't Have Shiny Hair, Keep An Eye On Your Diet

Extreme diets, but especially those that are very low in fat, can damage the hair causing breakage and making it dull. We need to get a diet rich in essential fatty acids, such as Omega3 and Omega6 (present in nuts such as sesame and fish), zinc (in nuts), and vitamin A (in carrots and spinach).

Stress Leads To Hair Loss

Usually, men are those who suffer from alopecia, but women can be affected too. The main culprit is stress. This is a warning to women to take life more calmly and with balance.

Dry Hair In The Opposite Direction

A very easy and effective trick to get more volume is to dry your hair in the opposite direction of hair growth. Bending the head is an ancient and effective trick, but it also helps to rock the hair from side to side.

Hair Straightener - Use It Gently

One of the tricks used to get perfectly straight hair is to use a straightener. To do this, you need to start with the longest threads and gradually move on to the shorter threads. It is also a good idea to avoid running hair straighteners over the same surface twice.

Do Not Expose Your Hair To Excessive Heat

As we are almost always in a hurry, we are tempted to use a hairdryer or a straightener at maximum temperature. This is unhealthy, we have to adjust everything according to the thickness of the hair. Stronger and thicker hair resists heat better, and we could use straighteners to their full potential. Instead, fine hair requires delicacy and we need to use a medium or even low temperature.

Also, the strong summer sun affects the structure of the hair, which, over time, deteriorates. The hair dries, loses its shine, and no longer has volume.

Do Not Use Hair Straighteners On Wet Hair

As we know, hair straighteners are to be used on dry hair. Regardless of how pressed we are, It is essential that you never use the straightener on wet hair. If the hair is still wet and the straightener is used at a high temperature, which can reach 180 - 220 ° C, this water can boil, destroying the hair inside.

If we follow these tips, we will be able to avoid many unpleasant things and keep our hair healthy and beautiful.

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