Irish Rock Star Bono Gives A Freedom Concert In Kyiv Metro

U2's frontman Bono and guitarist David Howell Evans improvised a concert in Kyiv's Khreshchatyk metro station on Sunday. Bono was joined by a Ukrainian singer in military uniform.

From the platform of a Kyiv metro station, the 61-year-old rock icon praised Ukraine's fight for "freedom" and he also issued his own prayer "for peace".

"The people in Ukraine are not just fighting for their own freedom, they are fighting for all of us who love freedom," said Bono during a break.

The singer also referenced the past conflicts in the band's native Ireland and the troubles it had with a more powerful neighbor.

"We pray that you will enjoy some of that peace soon," said Bono.

The surprise concert came as air raid sirens echoed in the Ukrainian capital. The Dublin band said they were invited to perform by president Volodymyr Zelensky.

Bono Was Joined By A Ukrainian Soldier Singer
The concert took place at the Kreshchatik metro station which now serves as a bomb shelter. The small crowd gathered in the subway station listened to U2 classics Sunday Bloody Sunday, Desire, and With Or Without You.

"It's a strange feeling, like being a child going to first grade," said 36-year-old university lecturer, Olesia Bezsmertna, ahead of the show.

Bono was joined by a Ukrainian singer in military uniform, Taras Topolia, from the band Antytila, to sing the famous hit Stand By adapted to the Ukrainian context. The words were changed into Stand By Ukraine.

"Slava Ukraini," (Glory to Ukraine) Topolia said at the end of the song, while the audience applauds.

Antytila is a Ukrainian music group. The group consists of Taras Topolia (vocals), Serhii Vusyk (keyboards, artistic director), Dmytro Zholud (guitar), and Dmytro Vodovozov (drums).

Since 2014, three members of the group (Topolia, Vusyk, and Vodovozov) have helped the army as volunteers, and shortly before the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022, the musicians joined the Territorial Defence Forces of Ukraine.

After the invasion of Ukraine, Antytila collaborated with Ed Sheeran. They teamed up with Sheeran to record and release a charity single and music video while fighting Russia's invasion.

As a father of three, Topolia wanted the music video -  which shows a young family fleeing the war by car - to tell the story of the "painful and difficult situation" for Ukrainian children. The video clip soon became a hit.

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