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Rare Collectible Cufflinks

Fine Luxury Cufflinks

Collectible vintage and antique cufflinks ranging in style and type – browse below for the full experience. Cufflinks in yellow gold and diamonds as well as cufflinks with sapphires, rubies, and emeralds.

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Stefano Ricci Gold Diamond Crocodile CufflinksStefano Ricci Gold Diamond Crocodile Cufflinks
SoldDeakin & Francis 18K Gold Enamel Cuban Cigar CufflinksDeakin & Francis 18K Gold Enamel Cuban Cigar Cufflinks
Merrin & Co. 18K Yellow Gold CufflinksMerrin & Co. 18K Yellow Gold Cufflinks
Hennell 18K Gold Diamond Stirrup CufflinksHennell 18K Gold Diamond Stirrup Cufflinks
Tiffany & Co. Oval Ruby Gold CufflinksTiffany & Co. Oval Ruby Gold Cufflinks
SoldSave $1,250.00Cartier Ruby Gold CufflinksCartier Ruby Gold Cufflinks
Cartier Ruby Gold Cufflinks Sale price$6,250.00 Regular price$7,500.00
SoldLucien Piccard Sapphire Diamond CufflinksLucien Piccard Sapphire Diamond Cufflinks
Jacob & Co Diamond Enamel CufflinksJacob & Co Diamond Enamel Cufflinks
Gold Iridescent Enamel Cuff ButtonsGold Iridescent Enamel Cuff Buttons
Antique Shakudo CufflinksAntique Shakudo Cufflinks
Antique Shakudo Cufflinks Sale price$3,750.00
Bailey Banks & Biddle 18K Yellow Gold Enamel CufflinksBailey Banks & Biddle 18K Yellow Gold Enamel Cufflinks
La Triomphe Gold Lapis CufflinksLa Triomphe Gold Lapis Cufflinks
Gold Carved Moonstone CufflinksGold Carved Moonstone Cufflinks
SoldGold Sapphire Diamond CufflinksGold Sapphire Diamond Cufflinks
Gold Sapphire CufflinksGold Sapphire Cufflinks
Gold Sapphire Cufflinks Sale price$5,500.00
SoldGold Diamond Green Enamel Cufflinks
Sapphire Gold & Silver Vintage CufflinksSapphire Gold & Silver Vintage Cufflinks
SoldInfinity Diamond Gold CufflinksInfinity Diamond Gold Cufflinks
Gold & Agate CufflinksGold & Agate Cufflinks
Gold & Agate Cufflinks Sale price$1,475.00
SoldKurt Wayne 18K Gold Ruby Duck CufflinksKurt Wayne 18K Gold Ruby Duck Cufflinks
Diamond Sapphire 18K Gold CufflinksDiamond Sapphire 18K Gold Cufflinks
Satsky Diamond 18K Gold Wood CufflinksSatsky Diamond 18K Gold Wood Cufflinks
Vintage 18K Gold Coin CufflinksVintage 18K Gold Coin Cufflinks
SoldYin & Yang Larter & Sons Gold Onyx CufflinksYin & Yang Larter & Sons Gold Onyx Cufflinks
Tiffany & Co. Gold Vintage CufflinksTiffany & Co. Gold Vintage Cufflinks
Hermès Gold Enamel CufflinksHermès Gold Enamel Cufflinks
Hermès Gold Enamel Cufflinks Sale price$7,500.00
Hermès Gold CufflinksHermès Gold Cufflinks
Hermès Gold Cufflinks Sale price$5,800.00
Tiffany & Co. Gold Ruby CufflinksTiffany & Co. Gold Ruby Cufflinks
Van Cleef & Arpels Lapis 18K Gold CufflinksVan Cleef & Arpels Lapis 18K Gold Cufflinks
Gucci Sapphire Gold CufflinksGucci Sapphire Gold Cufflinks
Gucci Sapphire Gold Cufflinks Sale price$6,500.00
Cartier Gold CufflinksCartier Gold Cufflinks
Cartier Gold Cufflinks Sale price$3,500.00
Tiffany & Co. Mother of Pearl Enamel CufflinksTiffany & Co. Mother of Pearl Enamel Cufflinks
Craig Drake Gold Lapis & Diamond Octagon CufflinksCraig Drake Gold Lapis & Diamond Octagon Cufflinks
Cartier Stirrup Sapphire 18K Gold CufflinksCartier Stirrup Sapphire 18K Gold Cufflinks
SoldVan Cleef & Arpels Gold Hematite CufflinksVan Cleef & Arpels Gold Hematite Cufflinks
Trabert Hoeffer Mauboussin Gold CufflinksTrabert Hoeffer Mauboussin Gold Cufflinks
Vintage Ruby Diamond Gold CufflinksVintage Ruby Diamond Gold Cufflinks
Vintage Reversible Onyx Lapis 18K Gold CufflinksVintage Reversible Onyx Lapis 18K Gold Cufflinks
Vintage Tiffany & Co. Gold Crest CufflinksVintage Tiffany & Co. Gold Crest Cufflinks
Vintage Cartier Paris 18K Gold CufflinksVintage Cartier Paris 18K Gold Cufflinks
Vintage Cartier Stirrup Gold CufflinksVintage Cartier Stirrup Gold Cufflinks
Jacques Cartier Paris Gold CufflinksJacques Cartier Paris Gold Cufflinks
Tiffany & Co. France Gold Lapis CufflinksTiffany & Co. France Gold Lapis Cufflinks
SoldCartier Gold Cufflink & Stud SetCartier Gold Cufflink & Stud Set
Van Cleef & Arpels Gold Onyx Cufflink & StudsVan Cleef & Arpels Gold Onyx Cufflink & Studs
Vintage Gold Fancy Cut Diamond CufflinksVintage Gold Fancy Cut Diamond Cufflinks
SoldGold Sapphire Cufflink & Stud SetGold Sapphire Cufflink & Stud Set
Estate Gold & Diamond CufflinksEstate Gold & Diamond Cufflinks